Alpine Lake

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Alpine Lake was built as a shader programming showcase using C++ and GLSL. I built a scene in a simple OpenGL rendering engine with camera that could fly around the scene, and wrote shaders to produce a variety of effects. This was a solo project.

The effects being showcased in the scene are:

  • Terrain rendering from a heightmap

  • Texture mapping on terrain

  • Height based texture blending (pebbles under and around water, grass at ground level, snow on mountains, snowy rock on mountain peaks)

  • Dynamic texture blending (user is able to toggle a blizzard which causes snow to gradually cover grass, as well as melt away when blizzard is stopped)

  • Water rendering (includes dynamic reflection)

  • Fog (underwater fog and fog during blizzard)

  • Particle effects (fire, smoke, snow during blizzard)

  • Horizontal force on fire and smoke to give the appearance of wind

  • Ambient, directional and point lighting (fire point light is flickering)

  • Skybox

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