Loris Settings Manager

Unity Asset Store Page: http://u3d.as/1s7A

Documentation Site: https://sharploris.github.io/LorisSettingsManager/

The Loris Settings Manager is a Unity utility that I built for sale on the Unity Asset Store. It facilitates the configuration of several different types of user settings including booleans, floats, integers, strings, screen resolutions and more through a simple interface in the Unity Editor, as well as making it very easy to build menus that configure those settings. As well as building the utility, I built a documentation site and made a basic getting started demo video for it.

The goal behind the Loris Settings Manager was to make it easy for developers to ditch the default Unity launcher window without having to write lots and lots of boilerplate code. I have a lot of ideas for improvements I'd like to make in a second version when I get the time.

Demo video (be careful if you're wearing headphones, the video gets much louder when I press play in the editor):


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