The Living Labyrinth

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

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The Living Labyrinth was the first 3D game project I worked on as part of the first year of my Games Programming degree. It was written in C++ without the use of any high level game engines, using a simple game engine our lecturers had assembled from a few C++ libraries.

For this project we felt our way through writing an algorithm to generate random dungeon layouts from a series of modular parts. The end result was fairly simplistic, but we were quite proud of it at the time.

The actual gameplay side of it wasn't the best, but there were chests scattered throughout the dungeon containing gold and slimes that would attack the player. There was also a shop you could return to on the surface to purchase health potions and a minimap that would show you the layout of the dungeon you'd discovered so far.

We had a lot of fun making this one, even going so far as to record our own voice acting for the trader and player, as well as the intro sequence. Unfortunately the intro sequence hasn't made it into the video above, but my performance as potion trader, player grunts and potion drinking are definitely worth watching for. Bonus points if you can hear the accidental bird chirps in the background of the potion drinking sound.

I worked on this project with one other person.


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